Sleep Medicine Forms

Have a Better, Restful Life

The modern advances in health care have allowed the medical and dental fields to collaborate in order to provide patients the opportunity to lead a healthy, high quality lifestyle. Relatively speaking, sleep apnea research is in its infancy in the medical world. The first treatment for sleep apnea was created by an Australian physician- the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) in 1981 and in 1997, the FDA approved oral appliances for the management of sleep apnea.

At Stillwater Dental in Bend we review your medical history, conduct a thorough evaluation of your head, neck, & airway, and obtain any pertinent information from your primary care provider/cardiologist/sleep physician/etc. Our evaluation and consultation appointments allow us to determine your candidacy for continuous open airway therapy (COAT) by the use of an oral appliance. At the appointment, we will explain if you are at risk for sleep apnea, oral appliance 101, and how oral appliances can help manage your disorder. If you are already a CPAP user and cannot tolerate it, we will discuss how an oral appliance might be a suitable alternative.

The ways we help you with your sleep disorder is by working with YOU for the best results and sleep that you deserve. During this journey expect thorough examinations, consultations, multiple follow up appointments and possible referrals to other specialist. As always, we encourage questions and feedback!

Below, you will find the forms to fill out before your appointment. We ask that you email, fax, or drop off the forms before your visit so that we can review the information ahead of time to maximize your doctor-patient, appointment time. If you have had a previous sleep test, you can contact the sleep lab and have them fax it to us at 541-330-5935.

As a courtesy, Stillwater Dental will contact your medical insurance and pre-authorize your visits and proposed treatment. Please note that our durable medical equipment providers are out of network for most insurance companies. That said, we will still bill them for your convenience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.